Michael Jackson, troubled genius

27 06 2009

I had the cable TV news on the other day when news broke about Michael Jackson. I watched for the next two hours as reporters scrambled for the latest word…he was in full cardiac arrest, he was en route to the hospital, he was dead. As the story steadily took over all the airwaves, I kept watching. TV this immediate, and news of this magnitude, is something from which you can’t turn away.

I tried to remember the last time a news event had been so all-encompassing. The Iran protests? Baghdad falling? “Shock and awe”? Just twelve hours before, word of TV icon Farrah Fawcett’s death from cancer had broken, and she was already old news.

For the last several years, I had considered Michael Jackson to be pretty much a freakshow, what with the trial for child molestation, the bizarre marriages, the dangling baby, the incredible morphing face. But as the music channels began showing his videos around the clock, I was reminded of his musical genius, his stage presence, his mesmerizing dancing. It was evident even in the early footage from “American Bandstand,” with little 11-year-old Michael displaying the show-stopping voice and prodigious talent that would keep him in the public eye for his entire life. His video for “Leave Me Alone”, which poked good-natured fun at his tabloid-worthy weirdness and fishbowl existence, remains my favorite — a masterpiece of animation and satire as well as a fine piece of entertainment.

It was good to remember the days when Michael was a musician, dancer, and showman, not simply a freakshow. He hadn’t seemed at peace for a very long time. I hope he has found peace now.


Farewell “Redivivus” and the Reconnecting Series, hello professional fiction

26 06 2009

The finale of “Redivivus”, the last story in the Reconnecting Series, is up at FanFiction.net.

I’m now on indefinite haitus from fanfiction writing as I pursue professional projects. These Enterprise stories are near and dear to my heart, though – they were a great education in prose fiction writing style, and they led to my first professional sale. I’m always up for discussing them, or writing, or Enterprise, if you ever have questions or comments.

Another chapter of “Redivivus” up at FanFiction.net

16 06 2009

Chapter 11 – “Epiphany”

Comments are welcome, as always.

Computer Exasperation 101: embedding videos

11 06 2009

I actually figured out how to embed a video into a webpage yesterday. 😀 As usual, there is a yawning chasm between theory and execution, and Google saved the day for me. I found a site that generates the html for the embedding (embedderation? embedification?) and once I had that, I could climb in, figure out what the html was actually doing, and mess around with the particulars.

So! Now you can see the two Enterprise music videos of mine that are no longer up on  YouTube. “Save Me” is a look at the ebb and flow of the Trip/T’Pol relationship during the last two seasons of the show, and “Crucible” (previously known as “What I’ve Done”) is a Malcolm-centric video that covers the “Affliction”/”Divergence” arc of Season 4.

All of my Enterprise music videos are accessible for viewing and/or downloading at the Videos page on my website.

Please take a look and let me know what you think.

Love in even more languages

9 06 2009

A few years ago I wrote a fanfiction story for Enterprise called “The Land of Might-Have-Been”. It’s part of a series of stories based on Season 4, beginning with the last scene of “Home” and taking off in a slightly AU direction.

In the story, Trip Tucker finally tells T’Pol that he loves her (something that I was sorry never happened on the show). It turned out to be a particularly memorable line for many readers, and a subsequent discussion at the TrekBBS resulted in several posters fashioning translations of that line in a variety of languages. I put this “Rosetta Stone” of about 15 translations up on my website. In the years since, other kind folks have given me new translations to add to my treasured collection. I received two more over the past few days, along with a clarification for one of the original translations by a native speaker (thank you, ibekoj). They’re up at the site now.

Love In Any Language

More “Redivivus”

9 06 2009

The next chapter of “Redivivus”, and the continuation of the Reconnecting Series take on the Enterprise episode “Observer Effect,” is up at FanFiction.net.

As always, I welcome reviews, comments, or questions about my work.

A spoonful of tuna juice makes the medicine go down… or, how to give your cat a pill

3 06 2009

Pets need medicine sooner or later. Older pets need more medicine.

I know a little something about this, because our cats have a habit of being long-lived. We have two right now: Aura just turned 17, and Mitsi is 18. They have medical conditions, much like old humans; both have kidney disease, and Aura is diabetic. But we have them on special diets–and medicine in Aura’s case–and they have the best veterinarians in the world looking after them. They’re doing well, and they’re happy, which is the most important thing.

When one of the cats comes down with an infection or somesuch, I come home from the vet with meds. Aura has been on a new medication for a month, and it comes in pill form. Of course, she will not tolerate having a pill shoved down her throat twice a day. I get around that by crushing up the pill and mixing it into some kind of liquid she likes–the sauce from a can of cat food, or water that canned tuna is packed in–and she laps it up from a little bowl.

When I give Aura her meds, I often think of a how-to that someone sent me years ago. It still makes me laugh.

How To Give Your Cat A Pill