Love in even more languages

9 06 2009

A few years ago I wrote a fanfiction story for Enterprise called “The Land of Might-Have-Been”. It’s part of a series of stories based on Season 4, beginning with the last scene of “Home” and taking off in a slightly AU direction.

In the story, Trip Tucker finally tells T’Pol that he loves her (something that I was sorry never happened on the show). It turned out to be a particularly memorable line for many readers, and a subsequent discussion at the TrekBBS resulted in several posters fashioning translations of that line in a variety of languages. I put this “Rosetta Stone” of about 15 translations up on my website. In the years since, other kind folks have given me new translations to add to my treasured collection. I received two more over the past few days, along with a clarification for one of the original translations by a native speaker (thank you, ibekoj). They’re up at the site now.

Love In Any Language




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