Computer Exasperation 101: embedding videos

11 06 2009

I actually figured out how to embed a video into a webpage yesterday. 😀 As usual, there is a yawning chasm between theory and execution, and Google saved the day for me. I found a site that generates the html for the embedding (embedderation? embedification?) and once I had that, I could climb in, figure out what the html was actually doing, and mess around with the particulars.

So! Now you can see the two Enterprise music videos of mine that are no longer up on  YouTube. “Save Me” is a look at the ebb and flow of the Trip/T’Pol relationship during the last two seasons of the show, and “Crucible” (previously known as “What I’ve Done”) is a Malcolm-centric video that covers the “Affliction”/”Divergence” arc of Season 4.

All of my Enterprise music videos are accessible for viewing and/or downloading at the Videos page on my website.

Please take a look and let me know what you think.




2 responses

16 06 2009

Youtube wiped your vids too? When they did that to me, I just removed them. Too much of a headache. I still have them on my computer (after so many editing hours, I can’t bear to part with them completely! LOL)

16 06 2009

Well, I stil have four vids up at YT (4 1/2, since one of them only has the audio blocked). But losing the Malcolm Reed video was sad. It had gotten some nice comments and a lot of traffic (for my stuff, anyway). So I’d been meaning to figure out how to embed videos, to bring my Malcolm tribute back somehow.

And the idea of deleting my vids completely is horrifying! I wasted waaaaaay too much time putting those babies together, LOL.

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