California’s Station fire: “A very angry fire”

1 09 2009

I’ve been following the largest of California’s wildfires, the Station fire, with more than passing interest. As of this morning, it has burned 122,000 acres, destroyed over 50 structures, and killed two firefighters. It’s only 5% contained after seven days; fire officials are hoping to contain this monster by — wait for it — September 15. Mike Dietrich, incident commander for the U.S. Forest Service, calls it “a very angry fire.”

Wildfires are an annual disaster for Southern California, but one never gets accustomed to them, any more than earthquakes.




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3 09 2009

Time lapse photography (and more) of the fires:

4 09 2009

OMG, that time-lapse video is incredible! Those puffy white pyrocumulus clouds erupting above the gray sludge — I saw those every day from my house. They even show up on the NASA satellite photo of the fire.

And an update: Investigators now say the cause of the fire is arson.

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