Brett Favre and the Vikings: 2-0!

23 09 2009

Brett Favre set another NFL record this past Sunday, for the most consecutive starts — 271 — but the recaps and game clips were all about phenom Adrian Peterson. Well, I noticed, Brett. Congrats, dude!

I read a commentary on a sports site about Favre’s work so far as the Minnesota Vikings’ new quarterback. “Unspectacular, but in a good way.” 😀 I admit I miss his signature dead-on 50-yard TD passes, but I don’t miss the interceptions. I want to see him in the playoffs, and clearly he wants to get there too, so I’ll be content for now with his great scrambling, and his wise and frequent hand-offs to Peterson. And of course there’s that gleeful little-boy enthusiasm Favre has for playing football. Watching him joyfully tackle Harvin after the rookie’s first TD reception — and Favre’s first TD pass as a Viking — was sublime.

Next up: the home opener against the San Francisco 49ers, who are suprisingly 2-0 as well. I’m hoping for a faster start than the last two games… and maybe a long Favre TD pass. Not to mention, another win.




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