Favre finally leads the NFL highlight reel

28 09 2009

Minnesota’s home opener against the 49ers. The Vikings, trailing by 4, get the ball back with a minute and a half left and no timeouts. They’re 80 long yards away from a go-ahead touchdown. Some of the spectators are already heading for the exits. It doesn’t look promising.

Who ya gonna call? John Elway, of course — the king of the 4th-quarter comeback win. But he’s retired. Fortunately, the Vikings have Brett Favre, who has 39 come-from-behind last-second wins under his belt. He passes and spikes his way downfield to the 49er 30-yard line — close enough to drill the ball, rather than throw a Hail Mary. With 12 seconds left, there’s time for one, maybe two plays. He’s flushed out of the pocket, but manages to scramble free long enough to throw a dead-on 50-yard bullet to the far edge of the end zone, just as he is knocked to the turf. He watches from the ground as Lewis makes an outstanding catch and manages to keep both feet in bounds as he goes down, clutching the ball. An interminable second or two later, the referee signals touchdown, and the crowd goes bananas. The Vikings go up 27-24 with 0:02 left in the game.

Perfect. Favre. Ending.

Everyone’s sports recaps are about Favre rather than Peterson. ‘Bout time.




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