The Mannerly Art of Disagreement, by Macedon

16 10 2009

There used to be a link at TrekBBS, in the old Rules, to a document called “The Mannerly Art of Disagreement.” It was originally written for the Alt.StarTrek.Creative newsgroup, but I found it an invaluable guide for anyone who engages in discussion, debate, or objective analysis.

Alas, the link to the guide no longer exists. 😦 Perhaps it will turn up someday on the Wayback Machine. In the meantime, I provide it here as a public service: just click on the link at the top of the page. I have referred to it often in my job as moderator at TrekBBS, and I highly recommend it. Thank you, Macedon, wherever you are, for writing it.


Favre on win over Packers: “It never gets old to me, even though I do.”

7 10 2009

It was better than I could have hoped for. Vintage Favre — effortless 30+ yard passes, pump-fakes, fadeaways, endless time in the pocket (great pass protection, Vikings!) before finding his receivers. Running around the field with little-boy glee after each Minnesota score. Three touchdowns, 271 passing yards, no interceptions, no sacks. (Poor Aaron Rodgers was sacked eight times, ouch.) Not bad for a guy who turns 40 this coming Saturday.

Favre is now the only quarterback to defeat all 32 NFL teams. He was named Offensive Player of the week. And oh yeah, the GB/Min game on ESPN’s Monday Night Football was the highest-rated show in the history of cable TV.

The Vikings triumphed 30-23, and are now 4-0, and facing the hapless Rams (0-4) next week. Favre has never started at season at 5-0 — perhaps next week he’ll set another record.