Vikings sweep Green Bay! And oh yes, Favre sets another record.

2 11 2009

Sweeeeet victory by the Vikings over the Packers this past Sunday. Same deal as when the Pack went to Minnesota last month — the Vikes kept scoring, and Aaron Rodgers kept getting sacked. And how about that Favre-Harvin synergy? Amazing to watch. All those fans who booed Favre as he took the field, who held up anti-Favre signs (“Welcome back, Brent”)… they must have been pretty quiet today. I much preferred the lone family dressed in Viking purple amid a sea of Cheesehead green, defiantly cheering Brett from their front-row seats at one end of the field.

This week’s record for Brett: now tied with Dan Marino for the most 4TD games, at 21.

This is getting pretty damn exciting.