Avatar = Pocahontas

3 02 2010

As I mourn for the Vikings’ horrific overtime loss in the NFC Championship (just how many times can zillion-dollar-paycheck, award-winning running backs fumble away the football?), I have been watching movies. “Troy” is fantastic (see the extended Director’s Cut), “Taken” is a great little cathartic action flick with a wonderful turn by Liam Neeson, “Forbidden Kingdom” is a lush fantasy with two of my favorite action stars, Jackie Chan and Jet Li, “Valkyrie” is a beautifully made homage to a small group of German soldiers and politicians who tried to assassinate Hitler during WWII, and “Sherlock Holmes” is an absolute delight, with Robert Downey Jr. just marvelous in the title role. Last night was “Vantage Point,” a tense and intricate story about a terrorist attack, viewed through the perspectives of many different players.

I haven’t gone out of my way to see “Avatar,” though it has already been recommended to me by a film-buff buddy. When I saw the initial previews, I was all, “Eh. I already saw ‘Ferngully: The Last Rainforest.’ And knowing that James Cameron wrote the thing automatically gave me pause. His better films, such as “Aliens” and “The Terminator,” were written or co-written by other people. I enjoyed “Titanic” as a meticulous gazillion-dollar documentary about the doomed ship, and didn’t pay the soap-opera storyline much mind. “Avatar”‘s $2 billion return and now #1 Moneymaker status is just making me resist all the more; I don’t want to squirm through another “I’m king of the world!” Oscar acceptance speech. And I have never forgiven Cameron for two-timing Linda Hamilton. But I digress.

Yesterday my husband showed me this: James Cameron’s Avatar = Disney’s Pocahontas. Priceless! We still aren’t rushing out to climb on the Cameron bandwagon, but I’ve already gotten my money’s worth.