Computer Exasperation 101: embedding videos

11 06 2009

I actually figured out how to embed a video into a webpage yesterday. ūüėĬ†As usual, there is a yawning chasm between theory and execution, and Google saved the day for me. I found a site that generates the html for the embedding (embedderation? embedification?) and once I had that, I could climb in, figure out what the html was actually doing,¬†and mess around with the particulars.

So! Now you can see the two Enterprise music videos of mine that are no longer up on ¬†YouTube. “Save Me” is a look at the ebb and flow of the Trip/T’Pol relationship during the last two seasons of the show, and “Crucible” (previously known as “What I’ve Done”) is a Malcolm-centric video that covers¬†the “Affliction”/”Divergence” arc of Season 4.

All of my Enterprise music videos are accessible for viewing and/or downloading at the Videos page on my website.

Please take a look and let me know what you think.


Computer Exasperation 101

1 06 2009

I have a problem with computer software that does things it wants to,¬†without me knowing about it. Take the “auto-update” function, for example. (Please. Take it far away.)

I had some computer issues last week, and I ended up uninstalling a bunch of stuff in order to zero in on the problem and fix it. I’ve gradually been installing programs, and everything was working fine…until yesterday. Out of nowhere, the computer got all sludgy, with pages freezing up and such. *sigh*

I gave up and went for a restart–and lo! a card comes up telling me that Adobe Reader is downloading something or other, and do you really want to interrupt me? Grrrr. The silly thing auto-updates.

So off I go to turn off Auto Update…except there’s no “off” switch in Adobe Reader. Lovely. Next step: Google. Fortunately, a kind soul who had the same problem explained in his blog how to tell Adobe Auto Update to go fly a kite. Problem solved!