The Mannerly Art of Disagreement, by Macedon

16 10 2009

There used to be a link at TrekBBS, in the old Rules, to a document called “The Mannerly Art of Disagreement.” It was originally written for the Alt.StarTrek.Creative newsgroup, but I found it an invaluable guide for anyone who engages in discussion, debate, or objective analysis.

Alas, the link to the guide no longer exists. 😦 Perhaps it will turn up someday on the Wayback Machine. In the meantime, I provide it here as a public service: just click on the link at the top of the page. I have referred to it often in my job as moderator at TrekBBS, and I highly recommend it. Thank you, Macedon, wherever you are, for writing it.


Love in yet another language

16 09 2009

I just added a Turkish translation to Trip’s “I love you” Rosetta Stone. It’s up to twenty-four languages now!

Farewell “Redivivus” and the Reconnecting Series, hello professional fiction

26 06 2009

The finale of “Redivivus”, the last story in the Reconnecting Series, is up at

I’m now on indefinite haitus from fanfiction writing as I pursue professional projects. These Enterprise stories are near and dear to my heart, though – they were a great education in prose fiction writing style, and they led to my first professional sale. I’m always up for discussing them, or writing, or Enterprise, if you ever have questions or comments.

Another chapter of “Redivivus” up at

16 06 2009

Chapter 11 – “Epiphany”

Comments are welcome, as always.

Love in even more languages

9 06 2009

A few years ago I wrote a fanfiction story for Enterprise called “The Land of Might-Have-Been”. It’s part of a series of stories based on Season 4, beginning with the last scene of “Home” and taking off in a slightly AU direction.

In the story, Trip Tucker finally tells T’Pol that he loves her (something that I was sorry never happened on the show). It turned out to be a particularly memorable line for many readers, and a subsequent discussion at the TrekBBS resulted in several posters fashioning translations of that line in a variety of languages. I put this “Rosetta Stone” of about 15 translations up on my website. In the years since, other kind folks have given me new translations to add to my treasured collection. I received two more over the past few days, along with a clarification for one of the original translations by a native speaker (thank you, ibekoj). They’re up at the site now.

Love In Any Language

More “Redivivus”

9 06 2009

The next chapter of “Redivivus”, and the continuation of the Reconnecting Series take on the Enterprise episode “Observer Effect,” is up at

As always, I welcome reviews, comments, or questions about my work.

“Redivivus” updated at

1 06 2009

I’ve posted another chapter of “Redivivus” at, which begins my “Reconnecting” version of “Observer Effect.” As always, comments are welcome.