Cat in a bag

30 10 2010

I saw this on “Red Eye” this week, and as Greg Gutfeld said, “That’s not a Happy Meal, that’s an adorable meal.” Enjoy.


Viral Videos: friends furr-ever

30 05 2010

The Daily Beast has a feature called “The Week in Viral Videos.” I skipped past the Fergie bucks-for-access-to-Andrew (yawn) and the smoking baby (bleah), but this one is priceless.

A spoonful of tuna juice makes the medicine go down… or, how to give your cat a pill

3 06 2009

Pets need medicine sooner or later. Older pets need more medicine.

I know a little something about this, because our cats have a habit of being long-lived. We have two right now: Aura just turned 17, and Mitsi is 18. They have medical conditions, much like old humans; both have kidney disease, and Aura is diabetic. But we have them on special diets–and medicine in Aura’s case–and they have the best veterinarians in the world looking after them. They’re doing well, and they’re happy, which is the most important thing.

When one of the cats comes down with an infection or somesuch, I come home from the vet with meds. Aura has been on a new medication for a month, and it comes in pill form. Of course, she will not tolerate having a pill shoved down her throat twice a day. I get around that by crushing up the pill and mixing it into some kind of liquid she likes–the sauce from a can of cat food, or water that canned tuna is packed in–and she laps it up from a little bowl.

When I give Aura her meds, I often think of a how-to that someone sent me years ago. It still makes me laugh.

How To Give Your Cat A Pill