Insomnia –> music video

5 12 2009

I’ve had a stressful couple of months, and I haven’t been sleeping well. When it’s tough to sleep, and even harder to focus, I typically spend the wee hours working on a new music video.


Title: Out of the Ashes
Genre: Star Trek: Enterprise
Subject: Vulcan arc, Archer, T’Pol
Music: Steve Jablonsky, from his “Transformers 2” score

Downloadable files on my website.

I still can’t sleep… Perhaps there will be another video in my future before things settle.


Love in yet another language

16 09 2009

I just added a Turkish translation to Trip’s “I love you” Rosetta Stone. It’s up to twenty-four languages now!

More production stills for my Enterprise collection

9 09 2009

TrekCore and I have been doing some trading back and forth, and we have both significantly increased our respective collections of Enterprise production stills and behind-the-scenes photos. Being a TV/film buff, I have always enjoyed collecting BTS pictures from my favorite movies and TV shows, but it used to involve driving into Hollywood and prowling through all the movie-memorabilia shops (not to mention going hog-wild buying cool stuff 😉 ). Nowadays, the Internet has given me access to a huge amount of material.

You can find links to my ENT pics on the Multimedia page of my website. And if anyone has photos they’d like to share, I’m always interested!

Another Enterprise music video! Welcome to the Empire.

14 08 2009

I seem to have been bitten by the music video bug; I finished another one. This one has been on my mind since I heard the music last year (from “Transformers,” by Steve Jablonsky) and it screamed out “Mirror Universe!” to me.

Title: Mirror Images

It’s available for download at my website. Enjoy!

My new Enterprise music video: “Though Lovers Be Lost…”

31 07 2009

“Though Lovers Be Lost…” is a Shran-centric video, based on the Andorian arc of Season 4 of Star Trek: Enterprise. I have long enjoyed the work of Jeffrey Combs, and he took Shran and made the character something extraordinary — a fierce warrior, prideful and stubborn, but also a man of honor and surprising compassion. I would have loved to see his return in further seasons of Enterprise.

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I made a music video. It’s fun as well as therapeutic for me, and I really enjoy picking the shots and editing them to evocative music.

Have a look:

You can also download it from the Videos page of my website.

Computer Exasperation 101: embedding videos

11 06 2009

I actually figured out how to embed a video into a webpage yesterday. 😀 As usual, there is a yawning chasm between theory and execution, and Google saved the day for me. I found a site that generates the html for the embedding (embedderation? embedification?) and once I had that, I could climb in, figure out what the html was actually doing, and mess around with the particulars.

So! Now you can see the two Enterprise music videos of mine that are no longer up on  YouTube. “Save Me” is a look at the ebb and flow of the Trip/T’Pol relationship during the last two seasons of the show, and “Crucible” (previously known as “What I’ve Done”) is a Malcolm-centric video that covers the “Affliction”/”Divergence” arc of Season 4.

All of my Enterprise music videos are accessible for viewing and/or downloading at the Videos page on my website.

Please take a look and let me know what you think.

Love in even more languages

9 06 2009

A few years ago I wrote a fanfiction story for Enterprise called “The Land of Might-Have-Been”. It’s part of a series of stories based on Season 4, beginning with the last scene of “Home” and taking off in a slightly AU direction.

In the story, Trip Tucker finally tells T’Pol that he loves her (something that I was sorry never happened on the show). It turned out to be a particularly memorable line for many readers, and a subsequent discussion at the TrekBBS resulted in several posters fashioning translations of that line in a variety of languages. I put this “Rosetta Stone” of about 15 translations up on my website. In the years since, other kind folks have given me new translations to add to my treasured collection. I received two more over the past few days, along with a clarification for one of the original translations by a native speaker (thank you, ibekoj). They’re up at the site now.

Love In Any Language